Virginia Satir meets Zeus and Chronos Parts Party of the Archetypes


Evan Bortnick

Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden

My foray into the world of astrology began with a high degree of curiosity. The way I  learned it was decidedly descriptive. That is, the astro-symbols animated the astrologer to describe the energies and archetypes he/she sees to the client. That, in and of itself, clarifies a certain amount of personal inner wiring. That, in and of itself, enables the client to make new decisions regarding their own inner life and outer behavior. It simply just wasn’t always the case. No matter how obvious the needed transformations were to me, as astrologer, or to the client him-herself, it just wasn’t always enough to merely describe the archetypal waters the client was swimming in. This was a source of great frustration for me. Was astrology isolated to merely the descriptive? Aside from simply listening to and understanding what the inner archetypal need structures were, weren’t there any astrological process procedures for transformation I could offer the client? Of course there were “therapists” who used astrology to deepen their patients understanding of themselves. But when pressed, many of these individuals said they were therapists first and astrologers second. In other words, they were pressing astrology into a ‘therapeutic’ model. That’s all well and good, but I wasn’t a ‘therapist’, nor did I want to be. I did not have ‘patients’, I had clients. I wasn’t interested in ‘healing’ I was interested in insight. Of course these nominalizations bleed into each other. That’s what makes them so interesting. But when all is said and done, all an astrologer without a ‘therapeutic’ background has at his disposal is the merely descriptive and/or the merely prescriptive, or so it seemed at the time. For a long while, that was enough. After that while, it was not.

I did notice, though, that clients, when listening to my ‘descriptions’ were going regularly into a certain quality or ‘state’ through the process of listening. I also noticed that when this state was intense enough, inner change began to take place. This happened often enough and specifically enough in astrological sessions that I began to associate it as explicitly ‘astrological’ in nature. That means that just through the process of listening to and reflecting on the factors of our basic astrological archetypal trilogy (planet, sign, house), something fundamental was happening in the consciousness of the listeners, which something could not be compared with ‘listening’ to anything else. At the beginning I was suspicious that this might simply be wishful thinking on my part. Before too long, though, I became convinced of the uniqueness of this unique state of being. Not too long after that, I began asking myself how I could encourage, intensify and evoke this state. A study of the basics of hypnosis, the work of Milton Ericsson, Visualization, Dr. Eugene Gendlin’s work on “Focussing”, formal training in “Family Constellations”, Dr. Les Fehmi’s “Open Focus” and my own certification training in NLP and Cranio-Sacral work have brought some insightful answers and some useful procedures in the guidance of these valuable inner states.


I actually began to encourage direct and conscious contact with the inner archetypal “Gestalts” symbolized in our traditional astrological mandala. After all, the images were coming up for the listeners, either consciously or unconsciously anyway. How was it possible for me to talk about Jupiter, for example, without the client forming on some inner level very specific pictures, sounds and feelings in search of how he or she lives out this archetype? I was witnessing it as I spoke. So I began to make it specific and conscious. The astounding effect was that these archetypes, through the very process of conscious contact, were actually transforming themselves internally. It was my impression that they were actually ripening before my eyes. Even the most frightening archetypes and archetypal combinations began to mature through conscious contact, become more amenable, more familiar and more consultative in nature. That was good news! I had to admit that for myself, I’d much rather have these “Gods” and “Goddesses” as allies than as enemies. I’d rather have even the darkest of figures as ‘consiglieri’ than as ‘bouncers’. That was indeed the quality of my own transformation. Instead of standing guard, keeping me out of some realm I wanted to enter, they (for me, mostly Mars, Saturn and Pluto) act as strong advisors for how to get what I really want and need. Please notice how ‘really’ is underlined and bold. These inner figures have astounding ‘bullshit’ detectors. It is not advisable to approach them with anything less than the pure, uncut, authentic, personal truth. I say this, of course, because I tried some other possibilities and witnessed how ineffective they were.

So I’d made two important discoveries;

1., it’s possible to contact and relate to the inner archetypes and,

2., they transform through this contact.


It became clear that, as I mention above regarding listening, this was what was happening at the beginning anyway. I was now in a position to accompany my clients and intensify and evoke this transformative experience. In my astrological sessions around this time, this had a comfortable ‘conversational’ quality. The first time I worked intensely with the masterful Klaus Grochowiak, this quality changed deeply. I felt really on the edge of my own abilities and competence. A good place to be, perhaps, but decidedly outside of the comfort zone!

In one late night conversation after doing some of this intensive work, we both asked out loud what it would be like to extend the contact process through the use of archetypal floor anchors. When this produced breathtaking results for the two of us, we invited another experienced and sensitive trainer into our trial circle…someone with no astrological background whatsoever. After brief contact with the floor-anchor-astro-glyph, he began speaking like a highly-trained humanistic astrologer in a voice which we recognized as his, but just barely. It was filled with a deep, archetypal quality, for each of the glyphs, which caused both our jaws to drop. This was accompanied by powerful and highly evokative gestures. As each of us experienced the archetypal power symbolized by these floor-anchor-glyphs, we decided to offer a weekend course to see if this was a repeatable phenomenon. It become clear after the first such course that the answer was a definitive; YES!

Thus had “Parts Party der Archetypen” its birth.


Evan Bortnick

Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden


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