Virginia Satir meets Chronos Part2

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Evan Bortnick

Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden

After our initial experience using Archetypes instead of people in “Family” Constellations / System Dynamic illumination, we were curious how the participants in that first seminar fared after the experience.

All twelve participants reported as feedback just after the seminar, and in some cases weeks afterwards as well, a transformed sense of “Self” and of ‘being’ in the world. Each reported a stronger contact with parts of their inner wiring which earlier seemed to have an uncomfortable degree of unconscious autonomy. They now became accessible resources. Especially interesting was the feedback of a well-trained and experienced astrologer. Predictably, she had worked intensively with her own horoscope over the years as an important part of her training and experience. She reported insights and breakthroughs with one particular constellation which she had previously experienced as negative in the extreme. It became clear to her just how she’d been resisting the real needs of this constellation through a very convincing misunderstanding from the past. When that was cleared, she experienced this dynamic as a real boon and the key to what had previously held her back.

The most fruitful work occurred with factors like Sun, Moon and Saturn, which so often symbolize Father and Mother. These factors represent all too often as well, the uncomfortable, familial ‘traffic-jams’ which occur as misunderstandings in our youth, which we carry with us as psychic structures and repeatedly and frustratingly try to solve in life domains in which they simply have no place. 4th harmonic contacts of the Sun and Moon with outer planets/ upper-hierarchical Archetypes have a strong emblematic synchronicity with painful, familial experiences from our early past. When these experiences are observed directly and openly, then adequately processed, the same archetypes then seem to actually free themselves of the old familial connections. It then becomes ‘my’ Moon and ‘my’ Sun and no longer the ‘bad’ mother or father.

Further, it becomes clear that the quality of victimization transforms itself into the freeing consciousness of an early ‘choice’, or a dictum which was made at a time when situative understanding was at its low water mark. In other words, major life decisions, ways of being and core beliefs are established and solidified at a time least appropriate for the making of such decisions and beliefs. To quote Erik Berne:

Thus the comedy or tragedy of each human life is that it is planned by an urchin of pre-school age, who has a very limited knowledge of the world and its ways, and whose heart is filled mainly with stuff put there by his parents. He has no way to tell the facts from the delusions, and the most everyday events are distorted.”

(E. Berne, “What do you say after you say hello?”)

One of the strongest impressions of psycho-therapists who work with the horoscope is that aspects of outer planets to inner planets symbolize imprinting from early childhood. These planetary factor-connections emblemize, as Berne says, the formation of life-conclusions, decisions and strategies made at a time when limited experience should, practically speaking, forbid this formation. So, for example, a child with a Saturn-Moon conjunction experiences mother as cold, withdrawn and withholding of affection and filters its experience and memory in such a way that rigid conclusions about life are made early on; (“you can’t always get what you want…or need!”, “love must be earned”, “life is a veil of tears”, “disappointment  builds character”, “women cannot be trusted”, “I can’t ever really relax or something bad will happen”, etc., etc.). What this work seems to offer is a subtraction of the attachments of this early imprinting with the inner archetype. This seems to allow the archetype to be experienced at a higher octave. It seems then a question of whether this life-drama is experienced as a deadlock, a dilemma, a conundrum or a developmental challenge for the soul and spirit. Whether this is an incarnation design which must be confronted first as fate, or a soul choice which can be encountered as freedom can be debated long into the night. What seems clear with this work is that a new level of being is experienced which offers the taking back of archetypal projections and the embracing of archetypal tensions. It offers freedom, not from the aspect itself, but rather from the form of realization of all the aspect symbolizes. The quality of this symbolic association with these Archetypes is radically different, however. Inner dialogues are transformed. Inner weather is transformed. Attitude and expectation are transformed and, lastly, action is in-formed with a new spirit, yet still true to the symbolized Archetypes.

For me personally, apart from using these techniques with others, this represents a completely new mode of conflict management. It shows me clearly over and over how much less competent and less encompassing ‘reasoning’ capacity is when compared with the processes represented by these Archetypes.

Once this lesson is learned, life is never the same.

Evan Bortnick

Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden


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