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“Prescribing the Symptom” in the Voice Lesson

Evan Bortnick Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden A voice student begins singing in a lesson and you hear an OBVIOUS mistake, hindrance, inefficiency or blockage (nasality, jaw tension, tongue tension, over-darkened vowels, raised shoulders, high larynx, etc. etc.). What’s the next step? … Continue reading


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Following your Bliss vs. following your Blisters

Originally posted on Mappalicious:
I´m sitting at “Vino Volo”, Philly airport right now. The 7th onsite of MAPP 2013/14 is over. It was another incredible, intensive, incomparable experience – not only thanks to the program itself, but due to the other…

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Life-Conclusions, “FIT”-ness and Potential

Evan Bortnick Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden It’s tempting to believe that every development of human consciousness has something of a perfect fitness, which has allowed us, as humans, to evolve in ways perfectly adapted to our material, social, cultural and individual … Continue reading

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