Meditation, Contemplation, Inner Focus and the difficulty in finding non-clichés in describing transformative inner states.

Evan Bortnick

Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden

What *IS* a non-ordinary ‘state’ anyway?! When I first learned to meditate, the most overwhelming feeling I had was that it was VERY familiar. As interesting, as calming and as invigorating as the process was, that feeling of familiarity was something of a riddle for me. Later on when I “prayed” with some of my more devout Christian friends, learned some pranayama techniques during Yoga or practiced hypnosis (the so-called “Milton-Model”) in the context of NLP, that quizzical sense of the familiar was there to the same extent. Even in listening to or making music that sense of “this-is-all-known-to-you-already” was always there in full. Since those first experiences I’ve tried passionately to find words to describe this ecstatic sense of familiarity. I’m not sure why. Is it possible to transmit the state to someone else by words alone? Is the familiarity enhanced through trying to put it into words? Does a word search strengthen the repeatability of the process? One thing’s for sure, in all my searching, I never came up with satisfactory terminology.

Evan Bortnick   Wiesbaden

I don’t think anyone would EVER describe me as religious or even spiritual really. My initial curiosity about meditation, prayer or contemplation revolved more around how I could optimize or integrate inner ‘states’ for singing and performing. Later that same curiosity, and I suppose any techniques I’d mastered, led me to other contexts;

how to stay focused and balanced when EVERYONE around me seems in the grip of childish emotions?….

what is commitment in a relationship when ‘the honeymoon’ is obviously over?….

how to teach singers/instrumentalists to serve their highest musical values while in the midst of overwhelming emotionality.

Later still; how to stay fit as an “Old Man” (Dirty or not) and probably most importantly; which combination mental focus models empowers clients to high competence and ‘mastery’ in life’s many contexts?

Evan Bortnick    Wiesbaden

In the last analysis, it’s probably best to not even ‘name’ what’s going on, avoiding preconceptions from past experiences. Still, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of at least trying to find ways of describing this state and its familiarity. Every once in a while it does go “PING” with a listener, making it more accessible for us both.

Evan Bortnick

Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden

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I'm a passionate, curious learning junkie--- an X-Opera Singer turned Voice Teacher, Voice Teachers Teacher, NLP Lehrtrainer, Off-Path Coach, Cranio-Sacral worker and a few other even less mainstream things. Everything I've learned or taught revolves around THE VOICE. The Voice as a tool of artistic expression. The Voice as a tool of emotional transparency. The voice as a tool of flexible communication. More information can be found at my Institute Site: The Wiesbaden Academy of the Vocal Muse Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden, Coaching, Voice Pedagogy
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