I write mostly about singing and the voice. I’m fascinated by the subtle facets of “non-verbal” TONAL meta-communication. This fascination has brought me into contact with myriad other principles, models, memes  (in the original sense of that word!) modes-of-thinking, trainings and certifications. What this means is that I’ll be blogging about some topics “SEEMINGLY” unrelated to the voice. Notice the emphasis on “Seeming”. To my present way of thinking EVERYTHING comes back to how we communicate; to other individuals, to groups, to authority figures, to our families and probably most importantly, to ourselves. So here you’ll be reading about Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, astrological Archetypes (as C.G. Jung grasped them), Cranio-Sacral Principles, Human Design, The ReConnection, Crystals, The Tarot, Thelemic Magick, Coaching Principles, Family Constellations-System Dynamics and a lot of functional vocal pedagogy combined with good old fashioned classic Bel Canto.

It’s an eclectic mix, I know! In earlier phases I tried to keep some of these worlds apart out of fear that my singer friends would think I’d gone over the edge for studying Cranio-Sacral Work, or that my astrology students would want nothing more to do with me, because I’m fascinated with NLP. What I’m noticing more and more, to my great joy, is that the more I transform that fear, the more people are fascinated with just the things I’m fascinated with.

I’m looking forward to the journey and to getting to know you.


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