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The Gifts of Pain. The Rewards of Fear.

A provocative title! Pain and fear are usually understood as things to avoid. Our survival is based on the instincts we’ve evolved to avoid pain and fear. How then, can there be gifts in pain and rewards in fear? I … Continue reading

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Meditation, Contemplation, Inner Focus and the difficulty in finding non-clichés in describing transformative inner states.

Evan Bortnick       http://musa-vocalis.de/ Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden What *IS* a non-ordinary ‘state’ anyway?! When I first learned to meditate, the most overwhelming feeling I had was that it was VERY familiar. As interesting, as calming and as invigorating as the process was, … Continue reading

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Vocal Pedagogy; an additive or a subtractive art?

Evan Bortnick   http://musa-vocalis.de/ Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden The way you answer this question is the way you teach. I’ve argued for both sides of the question, depends who’s asking. On the one hand it often feels like the voice lesson mainly consists … Continue reading

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Manipulation, Influencing-with-Integrity and my dog Fluffy

Evan Bortnick           http://musa-vocalis.de/ Gesangsunterricht Wiesbaden A bit over a year ago, our little family unit bought a dog. Fluffy. I fell in love immediately, which isn’t difficult when you look into those soulful eyes. That was the problem; if I … Continue reading

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